Marketing Tools: Top 5 Selling Tips


Train the Trainer


First impressions are everything, and in home care sales, the first impression of the client is usually driven by how comfortable, engaged and excited the caregiver is with Alexa.  

TIP:   Select one, or a small group of clients you wish to introduce to Alexa for caregiving.  Have their caregivers take home (on loan) one of our Constant Companion Mobile Demo Units (MDUs).  MDUs come complete with Wi-Fi and a fully pre-programmed Alexa Echo device (battery powered even).  If the caregivers spend a weekend or a few days playing with Alexa at home - magic happens.  They become confident, engaged and excited about all the fun things Alexa can do.

Now, have the caregiver take Alexa to the Client's home for a shift to share the experience.  They will feel totally confident about how to demo Alexa and the client will typically feel about Alexa -- the way their caregiver does.


Make it Personal


Have Alexa play your clients' favorite song or music artist.  Music changes our state.  It is powerful and emotional.   While the selling points for your home care services are important, it's the personal touch, rather than the hard facts, that will persuade new or existing clients the most.   For example, let them know that Alexa can call friends and family members, (once customized and programmed on their own system) just by saying,  "Alexa, call my son (or daughter) for example. 


Simple and easy!


The Involvement Technique

Once you demonstrate how Alexa works, by explaining the "Wake" word ("Alexa"), now its the client's turn.   Have your client try some simple commands like, "Alexa, what all can you do?"   Getting them involved is the key!   Once they try a few commands, like "Alexa, tell me a joke." etc have them play their favorite music. 


Give Positive Feedback


We all like to do things we are good at.  Ever make an "A" at school?  All of a sudden - that becomes our favorite subject!  Your client is just the same.  When they give the correct command, such as:  "Alexa, what is the weather?" and Alexa responds, tell your client: "You get a Gold Star - A+!"  Or, "You did that perfect - you're good at this!"  Suddenly, Alexa is not intimidating  - she is simple, fun and easy!   (TIP:  Give positive feedback a minimum of three (3) times during their first "test drive" with Alexa.




We call the first experience clients' have with Alexa "DAY ONE".   For more information and a even a detailed "Lesson Plan" for a great DAY ONE experience with clients, click the link below to download and print our DAY ONE guide.

​Or take the lesson online at Companion University:
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